I’ve started some month ago with color film development. Was quite hesitant initially, as I’ve been told that the C41 process is not as simple as the B/W. Anyhow, reading blogs and forums helps, and so I decided to try it out. Purchasing the color kits is not easy nowadays. There was a shortage, and none of the usual online shops had any C41 kit available for a number of weeks. In the end I found a Tetenal C41 kit at macodirect.

It is not this difficult. 3 Baths, developer, BX (bleach/fixer) and stabilizer plus a final water bath. The dev process can be done at 30°C or at 38°C (which is… whatever in Farenheit). At 38° it’s even shorter than a BW development process.

Once mixed, you can use the chemistry for roughly 16 films, but you have to extend the process time for every 4 films. Everything is nicely explained in the kit flyer or on the internet (just search for C41 development).

I’ll have a few more examples later on. So far I am quite excited and happy that I can process my films. No need to wait ever again for weeks and weeks.