A small step for mankind, a big step for me 🙂 Thanks to my friend Axel I have again a B/W Enlarger, with all needed equipment, 2 lenses, etc.
Means, for the first time since ca. 20 years I’m working again in a dark room, creating hopefully wonderful prints.

As I wanted to immediately try it out I had the challenge of buying some paper developer and paper in Nuremberg. It’s not this easy nowadays. Even the guys at Fotomax were not sure if they have something… so they sent an expeditionary force in the basement/cave, to search for the old stash of paper and _the_ paper developer! Not much more than 10min later they resurfaced from the depth of some basement with a 1L bottle of Tetenal Eukobrom and a pack of 10×15 Tetenal Work (Gradation 3) Paper.

So, it was a wonderful, quiet, slow evening which was extremely rewarding, and a lot of fun.

Later the evening I ordered more paper, in 24×30 and 30x40cm… but unfortunately without noticing that it was with variable gradation.
I hope the paper has a default one… because the enlarger from Axel has no filters.