Last Sunday I went to a flea market. I’m trying to always walk through, for the rare case that somebody sells some old photographic equipments, or old maps…

Burried between tape decks, several pounds of Canon Ixus and other digital trash, I spotted a Yashica body. Not in very good shape, but hey, didn’t wanted to go empty handed back home. I asked the guy about the price… and he gave it to me for 3 EUR… because “it had no long tube in the front” (otherwise known as lens :-).

Once home I cleaned it up, put some batteries in (2xLR44), a BW film, attached one of my Yashica lenses, and was ready 🙂 The 3 EUR camera turned out to work like a charm! My son took it for the afternoon, and almost didn’t wanted to give it back to me.

Here’s the precious piece :

And here a few pictures taken with the FX-D, and developed and scanned at home: