I was thinking since a long time to buy a macro lens for my Leica. Unfortunately, the real “M” Macro lenses are too expensive – without doubt extraordinary quality, but too much for the few macro photos I’d want to capture. The Macro adapter for the normal M lenses is neither cheap, in the range of 600 EUR.

So I decided to go with a cheap adapter for R lenses (one from K&F Concept) instead of the Leica manufactured one and go with a R lens, the Macro Elmarit 2.6/60.
The reviews for the adapter were not exactly encouraging, but so far everything looks good. The adapter feels good, fits perfectly the camera and the R lens.

The Elmarit I bought from the local Nuremberg dealer, as I wanted to try it out first before buying.

The first tests were promising, you can go as near as 30cm to the object. For my use case that’s pretty much enough. I do not need 1:1 projection or similar.

Obviously, in order to use R-Lenses one needs either live view or an electronic viewfinder. I am using the EVF-2 with my Leica M240

And here are the examples, takien with the Macro Elmarit: