So, this leg was a ratgher boring one, we had to go with the engine for quite some hours. Only in the late afternoon we had enough wind to sail.

But we passed, sailed under the Big Belt Bridge!

Beside this nothing spectacular happened… but at landing we almost broke the ship. Due to strong wind we were pushed towards the other already fixed/secured ships. Our anchor in the bow entangled with the other ships railings, while their fixed anchor almost broke the complete starboard railings on our ship.

With a big portion of luck we came to a halt and decided to stay in a pack, in 3rd row.

About the island itself… there#s not much to say. Only one open place, a cafe, with one choice of food. So we had later some food, a very simple fried fish with a small salad – Imbiss style – and a beer for 25 EUR/Person.