Only 4 days to go, and honestly I’d immediately jump on a plane if I could 😉

Started to pack yesterday, just to check if all things fit in my bag. They do not, so I need to change plans, likely a bigger bag which needs to be somehow foldable so that it doesn’t take a lot of space on the boat. I’d want to take the sextant with me – as I got one for my birthday, but at the moment this seems like an impossible task. it’s quite big and bulky in the case, and I obviously don’t want to break it by just not using the case.

Thomas wrote an email saying that it can still get quite cold in the lower north Atlantic, and we should bring boots. So a lot of the stuff packed is for the second half of the journey, where it might get cold during the night.

Anyhow, the important stuff is ready: music and audio books on the phone, the kindle loaded with weird sci-fi and a few movies on the tablet – I am sure there will be quite some boring time on the boat as well.