Roughly 7 years ago I was sitting in a small café in Nuremberg with a few friends talking about our new love for sailing. It was just 2007 that we were the first time on a boat in the Netherlands.
Sailing in the Netherlands was fun, but we were discussing about doing a bigger trip one day, like… the Croatian coast or between the Greek island or even crossing the atlantic.
The Atlantic was the stretched goal.
Back then it seemed somewhat crazy, but we decided to try it out after a few more years of practice and training. My idea was to do this in 2017, when turning 50. Adrian created the google calendar entries and shared them… pretty much in advance 🙂
So here we are, after 7 more years of cruising in Croatia, Greece, Baltic Sea, ready to embark on a slightly more adventurous sailing journey.
Unfortunately not all “regular” crew members were willing to join, chickening out with cheap excuses 😃 In the end, just Patrick, Adrian and myself wanted to take the challenge.
Finding the right timing and a boat was not directly challenging but it took us some time.
We’ve decided to join Thomas and Tanja on the 51 feet GibSea, the “Adrienne” sailing yacht.
In 4 weeks from now on we’ll start in St. Maarten and cross the Atlantic eastwards towards Horta on the Azores. The plan is to be done in roughly 3 weeks.
At the moment we do not have any more detailed plan… just the plane tickets, and a boat waiting for us on April 29th 🙂